So You Think Your Product is IT!

So You Think Your Product is IT!

Now what?

Where are you in the process? Do you already have a product, or are you in the thinking and conceptualization phase? What does the marketplace look like? I mean, if you have another meatless chicken nugget, get in line.

But, if you are in possession of a product that offers solutions to real problems, then let’s look at what lies ahead?

Where do you plan on selling? So many places to do that and there are rules and regulations to each channel. What’s that expression, “Animal or Mineral”? Do you have a clear idea?

And if you are an established brand, what is your current challenge?

So many things to consider and things to know.

Stay Tuned as I speak to all these different “things” in the days and weeks to come.

What's that expression, "Animal or Mineral"?


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